If you're a photographer/creative, influencer, or brand seeking frequent access to a creative studio environment without the hassle and expenses of owning a studio or office, our membership programs are tailored to your needs. Our studio memberships come with access to the studio space, props, amenities plus all the perks below!  You will benefit from significantly discounted rates compared to our hourly or daily studio rentals. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Use for creative projects, team meetings (under 10 ppl), client meetings, personal work time, etc.


Monthly meetups/ Happy Hour

Signage and Promotion


Monthly happy hours at the studio. complimentary food, drink & fun. 

We know it is hard to lug around all your equipment. ultra & premier members have the option to store their belongings in our storage room. Lighting, blankets, props, etc. 

Standard membership : listed on website as an in-house creator

Premier membership : business signage on front door of studio plus listed on website as an in-house creator

All memberships include the use of evok noco's studio props. complimentary coffee & beverages

Hours may be used for both weekday and weekend hours to save significantly.

Please reach out about using your hours towards events or large meetings as this is an additional fee

Due to issues out of our control, the studio is currently not available for rentals or memberships.